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Earrings & Tattoo Jewelry: When you order our any of our temporary tattoo products, you will receive a sheet of images. Simply select the ones wish to wear, cut out a square around the image (no need to be precise), remove clear protective sheet and lay facedown on CLEAN & DRY skin, nails etc. Using our Applicator (or a wet cloth), moisten back of sheet with water until transferred onto skin (about 10 – 15 seconds). Make sure that the image is thoroughly moistened but NOT soaking wet, as oversaturating can inhibit adhesion to the skin and reduce wear time. Before removing the paper backing, test a corner if the paper does not come off easily apply moisture a little longer.  Once you remove the paper, use your finger to push down any corners that are lifted and let dry fully.

Tattoo Nail Art:  On the bare nail (or on top of dry polish) our nail art is not designed to last more than a couple of days. Idea being kids can apply it themselves (without the use of messy polish etc.) and have fun without supervision.  That said, if you would like the nail art to last longer, you can simply apply a clear (or glittery) top coat and it should stay put for awhile.

Poppy Drops® temporary tattoos are waterproof and not able to be removed with soap and water. Yay for bathtime!! That said, when she is ready for something new, just swipe the skin with a little baby oil or rubbing alcohol to remove. For nails, nail polish remover works great too!

All of our products are 100% safe and worry free for any age. Additionally, our products are Made in the USA, with FDA approved ingredients, and Certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for use by children.

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